January 16, 2007

Bad dogs

Clockwise, Chloe, Zoe, and Joey

Don't let that picture fool you. These are some very bad dogs.

Yesterday I made some black-eyed pea soup* and corn bread. Not the quick corn bread, but a yeast bread corn bread which takes almost four hours to make. I made three mini-loaves from the recipe. One was for dinner and the other two were going into the freezer.

Today we had the soup again for lunch. Since we only had a little bread left over from last night, I went to the freezer to pull out another mini loaf. No corn bread in the freezer. "What a minute," I think to myself. "I don't remember putting those other two loaves in the freezer."

I remembered leaving them resting on a towel to cool before I put them away. I looked everywhere. I went outside to ask El Jefe if he had put the bread away last night. Nope, never saw it.

Chloe the Rotten Rottweiler must have pulled the loaves down for a snack. I checked the floor and not a crumb was to be seen, so apparently they like corn bread with jalapeños or they just wanted to remove all traces of evidence of the crime.

I should be thankful that they didn't also eat the two dozen Italian rolls I made yesterday, too.

Bad, bad dogs.

*There is a Texas superstition that if you eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day, you will have good luck all year. So what the heck! It's worth a try, right? Although I'm not that crazy about black-eyed peas, I like them about a once a year just for a change.

Anyway, I forgot to cook them on New Year's day.

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