January 28, 2007

Blogger -- Aarghhhh!

I have an article ready to post regarding Wednesday's contest. I have been trying to upload some photos since yesterday and Blogger won't let me!!!! Not even if I try one at a time.

Aaaarghhhhh! I hate am annoyed by Blogger.

I'll try again this evening. I have things I HAVE to do today or El Jefe may go back to his mother and my pets may run away to look for a better home!

P.S. Warning for those of you who receive La Gringa by email from Feedburner: Later on I'm going to recategorize some posts so they are all going to be spit out in the newsletter as new posts. Please forgive my obsessive-compulsive nature but I have a new category and I absolutely must categorize these articles properly. I've tried not to for two days. I can't stand it. They must be categorized correctly.
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