May 3, 2009

'A' (swine) flu or 'a' (ordinary) flu

El Jefe can cook!

Thanks for all the well wishes from everyone. I feel worse today (Saturday) and El Jefe thinks that I have a fever today, but I don't think it is a high fever. The headache is the worst part, though the coughing keeps me from sleeping well or at all sometimes. My frequent, violent wet sneezes rattle the windows and spread germs for miles (exaggeration − but for sure meters). No doubt my laptop is a hotbed of viral activity.

I was trying to catch up on my email and blog comments today, despite the pounding headache. We had no internet at all last weekend, then two busy days with very little computer time, then I got sick. I have decided that it is hopeless. They come in faster than I can deal with and I need to get off this computer! I'll never catch up.

I know I owe some answers to some of you (especially about non-stick pans) but I just don't know when I can do it. I'm also wishing I had the energy to get into some of the
Honduras Living forum discussions but it is not to be right now. So I'm writing this update to let you know. I have a few articles scheduled to post over the next few days, so you'll still get your daily Blogicito fix, even though I might not be personally manning the computer. ;-D

I'm in no way panicky about this flu. I just wish I would have known that the flu was so prevalent in La Ceiba before we ran all over town on Monday and Tuesday exposing ourselves. I would have just stayed home − whether it is the 'A' flu or 'a' flu, it is miserable.

I suppose that some people are panicky and the media is no doubt causing some of this. However, I think there is a difference between panic and taking prudent precautions. Several people have written or commented to say that they have or had the flu recently in this area. I did not know!

Also, there is some incredible misinformation among some of the population in Honduras. Comments on newspaper articles and even some of El Jefe's friends have said that they think that it comes from eating pork, that it is a gringo conspiracy or a political plot, that it doesn't exist, and so on. I read today that the Honduran government has now ordered Tamiflu but from what I've read, it will arrive too late for me, if swine flu is even the type that I have, which I'll never know.

So far El Jefe is fine, thank God. He stays away from me as much as possible and wears a mask when he is near me. His family came over yesterday and I didn't leave my closed room. I hope they understand that it was for their benefit. He's so good to me and even cooked that dinner in the photo above for me the other night. I'm so lucky! Arexy was here Thursday and she wanted to take care of me, too, even though I tried my best to keep her away from me and my germs.

Still... this is nothing compared to dengue. I just want it to be over!! How long is this thing supposed to last anyway?
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