May 10, 2009

Another lizard and one saved from the stew pot

lizard, La Ceiba, HondurasCan you see the lizard?

lizard, La Ceiba, HondurasChloe was sniffing, whining, and running circles around the chicken coop the other day. My first thought was a snake or opossum, though opossums and the various other related animals are usually out at night. From the upstairs terraza, I was able to spot this lizard hanging on to an elephant ear stem high above Chloe's head. I don't know what kind it is, but if anyone does, I could give a better title to my article.


Speaking of lizards, we protected our environment again the other day. A guy was throwing rocks up into the large tree in the vacant lot next door. I said "Stop him!" to El Jefe, since the only reason anyone throws rocks up into a tree around here is to knock down an iguana for the stew pot.

El Jefe called out, "What are you doing?" The guy slyly said that there was a pichete in the tree. Pichete is the local name for less valued lizards which are considered pests (not by us).

"Pichete?", asked El Jefe, knowingly. He says that no one would eat a pichete.

"Well.... an iguana" said the guy.

El Jefe told him to leave the iguana alone, that we try to protect them here and the naturaleza (environment). The guy gave him a dirty look and went back to his work 'cleaning' the lot (read: macheteing every living thing down to the soil level to make it uninhabitable for any form of wildlife.)

He probably thought we were only saving the iguana for our own stew pot.
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