May 12, 2009

The little bag of crochet supplies

little crocheted plastic bag
El Jefe seemed to be getting a little annoyed with all my plastic bag crocheting paraphernalia laying on the table all the time. 'Keeping things in order' is a strong Honduran trait. Leaving half-finished sewing and craft projects and supplies laying around is a strong La Gringa trait. To appease him, I took up the habit of stuffing it all in a little, flimsy plastic bag so the table would look a little neater.

Then it came to me! What am I doing? I should have a plastic bag bag to store my things in.

My all time favorite plastic bags are these bright pink and yellow striped bags but they aren't real common. I don't have enough to make an entire bag with so I made myself a mini bag to store my scissors and hooks and notes.

Ain't it cute?

I wonder where the idea for the little circle decorations came from.....

Hmmm, could it be this?
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