May 5, 2009


dog in the chicken coop, La Ceiba, HondurasEvicted from the coop

I was walking through the garden with my camera when I noticed all the newspapers pulled out of the chicken coop. We put newspapers at the bottom to make it easier to clean and then cover up the newspapers with wood shavings which absorb the moisture and hold down any odor problem. The hens like kicking it the shavings around to make their nests.

dog in the chicken coop, La Ceiba, Honduras"What the heck? Why would the chickens do that?" I wondered. Rounding the corner, I spied a wide-open door and a happy pink tongue peeking out the darkness. Chloe the Rotten Rottweiler. She even seemed proud of herself.

Currently she has a cushioned vinyl mat on the terraza on which she sleeps. She was very happy with that when I first gave it to her. She likes being on the terraza because she can see/hear us while still doing her guarding duties. She can stay cool and stay out of the rain. Plus from that vantage point, she's in the perfect position to guard the chickens, too.

chickens sleeping on the railing, La Ceiba, HondurasEl Jefe has been talking about making a dog house for her ever since he made the chicken coop. I kind of pooh-poohed the idea because I didn't think she would use it and I thought a dog house would get too hot. On second thought, maybe she would like her own house.

This new development might also explain why I haven't gotten any eggs in two weeks. So now, not only does Chloe have her own private residence, but she also has room service. Eggs on demand just waiting for her. Bad, bad dog.
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