May 9, 2009

Good cookies

Florentina cookiesPretty Florentinas

It takes a lot to impress me with store-bought cookies.

Florentina cookies are really good. These 'grown up' cookies are made in Mexico and cost L.31.53 (US $1.67) for 12 cookies* here in La Ceiba. First of all, I was impressed with the elegant look and lovely golden color. Second, they aren't too sweet. Third, the texture is light and flaky. These are strawberry filled. I wish they had an apricot or pineapple filled because I think I would like that even better. La Gringa tip: They taste even better if you refrigerate them first.

Florentina cookies

I'm sharing this find with you expats, but if the store is out of stock the next time I shop because of La Ceiba expats, I'll have to reconsider my generosity in the future. Leave some for me! ;-D

I'm eating one right now. Mmmm-mmm good.

Warning: Lean back away from your keyboard while you eat these cookies.

* On my last shopping trip to SuperMega, I discovered that it is cheaper to buy three small packages of four cookies each than it is to buy the large package of a dozen cookies. Strange, huh? This is not a rare occurrence. Never assume that it is more economical to buy a larger package than an equivalent amount of small ones. It often isn't.
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