August 21, 2007

My first time ever

Myrmecophila tibicinis, Honduras orchidMy orchid

Myrmecophila tibicinis, Honduras orchidI'm so proud! This is my first time ever to buy an orchid and maintain it until it bloomed again. I'm sure that the hot, humid weather here has a lot to do with my success.

Schomburgkia tibicinis, Honduras orchidI bought four orchids back in March when we made that trip along the Cangrejal River. One was blooming when I bought it so I suppose it won't bloom again until next year. The other two haven't bloomed yet but they are still looking reasonably healthy.

Myrmecophila tibicinis, Honduras orchidI took these photos on June 27 and today there is still one small bloom at the tip. Talk about long lasting! If any of you orchid lovers out there can tell me the name, I would appreciate it.

I couldn't decide which photo was the best, so I just posted all of them.

Update: Reader Fred has identified it as Myrmecophila tibicinis, which I see is also sometimes called Schomburgkia tibicinis. He also said that this plants usually hosts colonies of ants in the pseudobulbs. He sure has that right! This plant and its container have been covered with ants since I got it. Thanks, Fred!

Myrmecophila tibicinis, Honduras orchid
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