August 2, 2007

La Gringa's web alphabet list

When I first saw Aaron's Your web alphabet article, I thought the point was to think of a site that you visit for each letter of the alphabet. Then I went to the Ed Kohler's original link and saw that you determine your list by typing each letter of the alphabet in your browser's address bar to see what your browser suggests to you. Ahh! More interesting, more fun, less subjective. I like that.

So, here is what I found:

a:   Aaron's Pensieve blog, of course

b:   Blogger, of course again

c:   Consejo Nacional Anticorrupción, National Anticorruption Council of Honduras, a wealth of very depressing information here.


e:   ETS Free Translation

f:   Feedburner, I highly recommend it, along with
    Fox Internet HTML converter, use it for finding HTML codes for special characters

g:   Google, what else could it be? Search, Images, Reader, Alerts, Mail, Earth, Translate, I use it all! Not only does Google do a better job, it has a nicer look than Yahoo and that is important to me.

Honduras This Week Online, Honduras news in English

i:   Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas, Honduran National Institute of Statistics, yaaaaawn

j:   Jeff Bridges, you have to see it to know why

k:   Kiva

l:   La Prensa, if only they would fix their search and prior issues functions!

m:   Mail Google

n:   A Neotropical Savannah, excellent Panamanian botany blog

o:   One time offer, What the *$%# is this? I NEVER click on "offers."

p:   Parts Select, trying to find parts for our non-working appliances

q:   Quack Online, I was confused about this one, too, until I saw that it included some dengue information.

r:, the news organization that risks their lives to bring us Honduras news that no one else will print

s:   Science made simple, use it for metric conversions, also
Sitemeter, Statcounter, Supersudoku,

t:   Tiny URL, so quick and handy;
     Technorati, too

u:   United Nations Development Program - Honduras

v:   YahooVoice, free and cheap international calls through your PC

w:   Word, translation dictionary and forum, use it almost every day; and
    World Atlas, World Bank, Wikipedia, Washington Post, World Health Organization, more yawns

x:   Xylem and Phloem

y:   YouTube, wow, 1,282 people have watched Zoey give birth.

z:   Zoom Info

I found that I had an excess of F's, S's, T's, and W's. It was tough to pick one, so I didn't! Since I mostly read blogs through GReader and click through to the blog from there, most of my favorites didn't show up in the address bar, just in case anyone feels left out.

Browsing through my list, it is entirely clear to me that I spend way too much time on serious, depressing stuff and not nearly enough time on hobbies and fun stuff.

What does your web alphabet say about you?

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