August 5, 2007

Diary of a Third World Fashionista

Fabi, the Fashionista

Diary of a Third World Fashionista is a cute blog written by a teenage girl right here in La Ceiba! Fabi is 19, works for her family's business, and, against the wishes of her family, is going to sewing school because she wants to be a fashion designer.

She often talks of finding fabulous designer clothes for 50 cents at the thrift stores. (Wish I knew where those are!) She likes to be different and tries to help all her friends do the same. I'm sure I could desperately use her fashion help if I ever meet her.

Fabi is funny and her English will make you think of any teenager in the U.S. There are deeper aspects to her blog, as well, such as being a well-to-do teen trying to fit in with the "poor" girls in the sewing school and suffering a little reverse discrimination from the teacher. She even included a little tip for tourists here.

I enjoy Fabi. I like her attitude and ambitiousness in trying to follow her dream. I wish she would post more often. Take a look, I think you'll like Fabi, too.
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