August 17, 2007

More of M's crochet work

crocheted toilet coverNiece M's latest crochet project

Niece M brought over something she had crocheted for her grandmother to show to me. I was impressed. It was nice work and her stitches were much more even than the last time I saw her work. She said that her teacher had given her the pattern. I was glad to hear that and feel better about her teacher now.

crocheted toilet coverIt was a crocheted toilet cover set, something which is very popular here in Honduras. She spent most of the time during the party crocheting. I'm really happy that she seems to be enjoying her hobby so much and that she takes pride in her work. It think that it is important to have some interests other than just waiting for husband or baby as so many girls seem to be doing here in Honduras.

Grandma gives me credit for teaching her, which is nice, but I really didn't spend that much time with her. She was completely frustrated when she first came to me, but after we figured out what her problems were, she was self-motivated to learn.

Later in the evening, she brought this to me and said, "Maybe you'd like to take a photo to put on the internet?" Proud of her work! I like that.

I suggested that she put it on the toilet for the photo, since the pieces had elastic and wouldn't show up in the photo very well all bunched up.

She got a little worried then that I didn't understand that it wasn't a present for me, that it was for her grandmother, heh, heh, heh. I assured her that it was just for the photo and that I would give it back.

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Hey, M's family just got internet access, so this is for her:

Hola, M! Te gustan las fotos? Tu trabajo es muy bueno!

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