August 14, 2007

Boy in taxi trunk

Boy in a taxi trunk

El Jefe's brother lent us his car Friday night to go grocery shopping. As we went out to load the groceries in the car, I heard, "Señora! Señora!" I looked around the parking lot and at first didn't see anyone. Then I saw a little head peeking out of a taxi trunk. The lid to the trunk was being held partially open by a block of wood.

He pushed the lid open further and asked what had happened to our car. I laughed knowing that he expected to hear a story about how this woman driver had wrecked the car. But, no! El Jefe's brother only had the car a couple of weeks before he got into an accident and smashed up the right front pretty badly. No one was wearing seat belts and the kids were flying around the car. Luckily, no one was hurt.

You might be curious as to why the little boy was waiting for his dad, the taxi driver, in the trunk, but this is Honduras, so I didn't even ask.
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