January 26, 2010

Mel Zelaya was not wearing pajamas

mel zelaya in pjs for the camerasWho can forget the outrage? A president in pjs!

There were no pajamas!

Ex-president Manuel Zelaya was NOT taken to Costa Rica in his pajamas.

It was all a lie. The question is, how many presidents knew it was a lie?

mel zelaya in pjs for the camerasWhen removed from Honduras on June 28, Mel Zelaya was fully dressed up to and including his cowboy boots. We heard rumors of this from the beginning, including from neighbors who saw him leave with the military fully dressed. We also heard that there was a video of Zelaya's exit that was shown to José Insulza of the OAS, who nevertheless continued the lie. But who was going to believe Honduras, when victim Zelaya was saying otherwise to CNN, Telesur, and the NY Times, who dutifully reported it without investigation.

This would be a minor detail except for the thousands of newspaper articles and outraged exclamations of presidents and pundits around the world, crying "in his pajamas!" - which you would think ranked right up there with a bullet in the head. That press conference of Zelaya in his pajamas with bed-hair set the tone and had huge impact on the way that Honduras was treated by the world.

mel zelaya in pjs for the cameras
But even worse, Costa Rica and its President Oscar Arias must have known that he arrived fully dressed and donned the pjs and messed up his hair later. Are we to believe that this fact just slipped the mind of airport personnel and Zelaya's escort to the Presidential Palace in San José? So Arias knew about the great lie but said nothing for seven months, making him an accomplice to the lying propaganda spewed against Honduras by Zelaya.

manuel zelaya in pjsIs there any chance that the US did not know this was a lie? Is there any chance that US State Department officials have not been shown the video? What else does the US State Department know that Zelaya is lying about? What about the crimes? What about the narcotrafficking ties? What about the foreign bank accounts? Will they ever tell the US population the truth?

How will the international media react now, knowing that they were played? Admit it? Or pretend this news doesn't exist? My guess is the latter. It has been hours since the Honduran news reports and I haven't seen anything yet in searches of Google News.

Related articles in the Honduran news:

Proceso Digital: Revelan que Mel Zelaya no salió en pijama de Honduras (Revealed that Mel Zelaya did not leave Honduras in pajamas)

El Heraldo: Zelaya no vestía pijama cuando salió de Honduras (Zelaya wasn't dressed in pajamas when he left Honduras)

The "unbiased" El Tiempo fails to mention the pajama issue at all: Sobreseen a militares acusados por expulsión de Zelaya

Note: Google translate has changed and I can no longer provide translated links, but you can download the Google toolbar to translate them yourselves.


I guess I have my answer. Reuters published a story at 22:31 today, including this recap: "Soldiers arrested Zelaya in an early-morning raid on his house on June 28 and flew him to neighboring Costa Rica, still in his pajamas." Europa Press includes this:"....militares entrara por sorpresa en su vivienda mientras dormía y lo llevara en pijama hasta el aeropuerto...."

BBC announced the verdict and rehashed the story, but omits any mention of pajamas. Associated Press does the same, with no mention of pajamas.

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