January 31, 2010

Body language

I provide these photos for your discussion. (Click the photos to enlarge.) Enjoy! I'm looking forward to some clever explanations. ;-)

Photo #1
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in Trinidad and Tobago for the Summit of the Americas, April 2009. I would give anything to know what had been said just before this photo was snapped! Does anyone know?

Porfirio Lobo with Leonel FernándezPhoto #2:
Honduran President elect Porfirio Lobo with Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernández upon the signing of the new "Accord" in the Dominican Republic.

Photo #3:
US State Department representatives meeting with Pepe Lobo the day before his inauguration

Photo #4:
US Ambassador Hugo Llorens first official meeting (as Ambassador) with then President Manuel Zelaya, August 2008
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