January 24, 2010

Goal, goal, goooooooooooooal

US-Honduras game score
US-1; Honduras 3

Honduras soccer team
Honduran team

An internet friend sent me a note and these photos (click to enlarge), which I thought you might enjoy if you couldn't be there. I'm superstitious about the games. I don't watch them, but I can keep up with at least one side of the score by the shouts from downstairs and the celebratory gunshots from the neighborhood:

US-Honduras game crowdHello!
Yesterday, Saturday, January 23rd, was Honduras' night against the United States at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles! We won!

3 to 1 ... screamers! The game was more exciting but we were also excited to be in a stadium full of Honduran people! Lots of blue and white, many flags! It gave me pride to see that we are peaceful and how exciting to see Honduran football!

US-Honduras game crowdMaking waves with flags, shouting "Honduras", "Ole", and once in a while the traditional "Culero. We felt the happiness of the fans.

How thoughtful that Hondurans have time to have fun, but the economy goes wrong. They had 18,626 people and most Catrachos! There, we send a few photos. Viva Honduras! world and now in Africa! Memories. −DP
US-Honduras game flag

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