January 5, 2010

Honduras Living, the group

Tegucigalpa, HondurasNot the best photo, but this is Tegucigalpa, Honduras

January 3 was the third anniversary of our Honduras Living Yahoo discussion group. It has been very successful. When we first started it, we thought we might get 40 or 50 members...eventually. We had more than that the first week! Now we are up to more than 1,000 members. I never dreamed it!

It is a great group of people with lots of questions and helpful information about living in Honduras. Newbies tell us that they have learned a lot about life here from reading the message archives and I know that I've learned a lot, too. I think that our group is very honest and helps to prepare potential expats for life here better than the majority of the Honduran websites.

I mentioned the group to someone once and he asked an interesting question. He wanted to know if it was connected in some way to International Living, the real estate group. No! Absolutely not. It never occurred to me that anyone would think that. It's just a group of people living in Honduras or considering living in or visiting Honduras who share information and experiences. The group has been completely non-commercial and it looks like the majority of the members want it to stay that way.

So if you are interested in living in Honduras, or already do, please join our group by clicking below:

Click here to join honduras_living
Click to join honduras_living

Just one word of warning, though. It is a high volume email list so set your membership accordingly. There is more information about that in the group's guidelines which you will receive after joining.

Also, if you do join, please be sure to READ the group's guidelines before posting. I just hate having to remind people to follow the rules.

Consider this your personal invitation to join. La Gringa looks forward to seeing you there! :-D
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