April 1, 2009

Ways to know you are becoming more Honduran

Honduran north coast mountains

Ways I know I’m becoming more Honduran:

I say 'buenas' for all occasions.

I see someone wearing shorts and I think 'gringo!'

I can maintain my place in the front of the line with the best of them.

I'm no longer surprised when cattle, horses, or sheep are herded through my neighborhood or down the highway.

My voice mail is broken and I don't care.

I no longer ask 'why', at least not really expecting an explanation.

I don't even look up when I hear someone unload an entire clip full of bullets in my neighborhood. (The second clip still gets my attention.)

I know to ask directions from a minimum of three people, and ask again on every block.

I (sometimes) take a 'Si Díos quiere' attitude about things that used to stress me out.

I could eat beans and rice every day and not mind.

I'm starting to like (some) comida tipica.

I know that 'mañana' does not mean tomorrow.

Schedules-Schmedules! Who needs 'em?
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