April 19, 2009

Visitor outside the window

Basilisk lizard (Basiliscus vittatus), La Ceiba, HondurasEyes on La Gringa

I was in the kitchen chopping vegetables when I felt someone watching me. Can you see it in the photo above?

I went to get the camera, hoping it would still be there. It was and he let me sneak up closer to get a better shot. He just watched me and didn't seem skittish at all.

Basilisk lizard (Basiliscus vittatus), La Ceiba, Honduras
Then I thought I would really push my luck and open the window so that I could get a clearer photo. "No prob," said the lizard. "Here, do you want a profile?"

Basilisk lizard (Basiliscus vittatus), La Ceiba, Honduras
I think that this is a Basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus), called a garrobo here in Honduras. Kind of a weird, prehistoric little guy, isn't he? There is just something creepy about those elbows and knees. Did you know that this lizard is also called the Jesus lizard because he can not just walk, but run on water?

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