April 16, 2009

Announcing the egg

Bantam hens, La Ceiba, Honduras

The hens look so content and peaceful, don't they? Don't let that fool you! Watch and listen to the video below:

While roosters are notorious for their crowing, which can occur all hours of the day or night − forget the notion that roosters crow to announce the beginning of the day − hens sometimes make their own commotion during and after the egg laying. Not always, but when they get into it, they are a match for roosters any day.

We call this loud squawking 'announcing the egg'. Others call it the hens' 'pride of accomplishment' call. Some of the others hens will offer their own "you go, girl!" encouragement during the ruckus. Thankfully, the hens are a little more considerate and don't get into this activity at 3:00 a.m.

Isn't it a cute little chicken coop that El Jefe made? By the way, the chicken coop is no longer on the terraza, thank God! El Jefe ran into the typical Honduran problem of not being able to get the end caps to finish the roof. We waited about a year while they ordered them for us. (Yeah, right.) Good thing it wasn't for our house!
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