April 25, 2009

La Gringa's year-old laptop and laptops of another sort

La Gringa's year-old laptop
Thankfully I am a touch typist.

My 'Q' key quit working yesterday. I tried to comment on someone's blog and was able to reword my comment without a q word, but the captchas got me. Every combination of test letters that popped up had a 'q'. Finally, about the fifth time, I got lucky but by then the captchas had decided I was a spammer and deleted my comment. :-/

Why the 'Q'? Obviously from the photo above, the 'E', 'N', and 'S' are my favorites. I used a little sewing machine brush to try to clean out underneath the keys − which was difficult as there is almost no space between the keys. I pulled out a ton of dog hair! My dogs like to take turns sitting on my lap at night when I'm on the computer. Those waiting their turn line up on the left and when they tire of me, they jump off on the right. This is the only manner in which these chihuhuas are orderly.

The key still wasn't working great but at least I could eventually get a 'Q'. Today it is healed. Hallelujah!
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