March 20, 2009

Driving through San Juan Pueblo, Honduras

San Juan Pueblo, HondurasWelcome to San Juan Pueblo

Map, San Juan Pueblo, HondurasSan Juan Pueblo is medium-sized town about halfway between La Ceiba and Tela on the Honduran north coast highway. It is about a 30-40 minute drive to either city. Just driving through it over the years, I notice that it seems to have grown quite a bit since 2001. These photos are actually from 2006; the video is more current.

Meat in San Juan Pueblo, HondurasWe've been told that 'better' north coast beef comes from this area. (The best beef is supposed to be from Olancho.) I can't say that I'm really tempted by the sides of beef hanging outside in the hot sun and covered with flies. There are rumors about another product contributing to the town's growth. ;-/

meat and chicharones, San Juan Pueblo, HondurasFunny story about this photo: The woman with the worried look on her face and her husband, for some unknown reason, thought we were with the health or meat inspection department (what health department?!). I have no idea why she thought that except that I was taking photos. Maybe she had been in trouble before. Behind the man, you can see some beef parts hanging in the open air. To the left, you can see the chicharon (pork rinds) in the making.

San Juan Pueblo, HondurasWe had actually pulled over to ask where we could buy a soft drink because the first place we stopped only had glass bottles (which they wouldn't allow to leave the premises) or plastic bags (which LG has still not gotten the hang of, especially in a moving car). She said, "Then you aren't an inspector?" El Jefe reassured the lady and she seemed so relieved.

chicharones, San Juan Pueblo, HondurasIn the background of this photo (click to enlarge if you dare), you can see the tattered slabs of pork fat being dried to make chicharones (pork rinds). No wonder I don't like chicharones!

Thanks to the series of gigantesco speed bumps in San Juan Pueblo, the video below was taken at a little slower driving speed than the others. (El Jefe doesn't always have patience with my blogging needs.) You'll see the camera go almost sideways as we traverse them. ;-D Watch also for the escaped horse stampede. Here is the video:

San Juan Pueblo, HondurasAll the usual disclaimers about my on-the-road videos. I know these videos can be pretty boring to those living here, but for those Hondurans in other countries, they are a taste of home. Some day, hopefully, we will have more time and I can get some better photos and video.

As always, if you are reading this from the daily email and cannot see the video, please click on the article title and it will take you to the Blogicito where you can watch it.
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