March 11, 2009

On the road in Honduras

North coast highway, HondurasCheck out the curve in that road!
Not something you want to drive at night.

North coast highway, HondurasThe following video was taken along the north coast highway on a trip from La Ceiba to San Pedro (Honduras). We always have so many places to go and things to do while we are in San Pedro that there is no time to stop along the way to take photos, so this is just on-the-road videos. Nothing too exciting but I thought they might be interesting to some and there are more coming up soon.

(El Jefe might tell you that if a certain person woke up earlier there would be time.)

Here is the video. If you are reading this from the daily email, you may need to click on the article title and come to the blog to view it.

El Jefe took these photos in this article on the mountain side of the highway on the trip back to La Ceiba while I was driving. The video is on the flat north (ocean) side. Next time I'll have to ride in the back seat to get the mountain (south) side since it is usually dark by the time we come home.

North coast highway, HondurasIt should be noted that I always recommend to people to NOT make this drive at night. It can be very dangerous with cars and trucks driving with no lights, cows, horses, or people on the road, not to mention the number of "dead man curves" along the way. It's amazing to me, considering how very dark most of the 2-3 hour trip is, that El Jefe has the entire road memorized and knows when and where every curve in the road is coming up.

I always take a book or magazines or something on these trips and never, ever open a page. I love to watch the view!

North coast highway, Honduras
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