March 23, 2008

Time just gets away from me

Time is such an important thing in the US. Not so here in Honduras. Appointments are mere suggestions and many businesses will not even make appointments because they know that most people won't show up at the appointed time anyway. Just show up and wait in line like everyone else. It's the Honduran way.

To show you how corrupted I've become, unless I'm on my computer (and more on that further on) I currently have no idea what time it is or often even what day it is!

El Jefe bought me a watch a couple of years ago. The battery went dead about six months later, and I've been carrying the thing around in my purse for a year and a half. I can never remember to look for a battery when I'm out.

Ironically, I have a collection of antique clocks and small battery operated clocks. Almost every room has one, two, or three clocks in it. ALL of them are now stopped and all show different incorrect times.

We usually keep the stove and microwave clocks set. The microwave won't even operate unless the time is set for some very annoying reason. Why there is no battery backup for the clock is beyond me. With the unstable power situation here, those clocks usually get reset at least three or four times a week and sometimes more than once per day. We don't ever bother with the TV, stereo, or other assorted clocks, because they aren't blinking in our faces to remind us.

So how do we reset the clocks if we don't know what time it is? Usually with our cell phones. However, about a month ago when I was rushing around to get ready for a visitor, I glanced at my cell phone and discovered that the time was off by about 7 years, 2 months, and 15 hours. I still haven't figured out how to change the time on my cell phone.

How do we set the time on the cell phones? With the computer clock.

While I was setting up my new computer (and still am), I found that the clock was wrong. I went to bed two hours earlier than usual one night and discovered the mistake when I looked at a battery operated clock on my nightstand − which incidentally doesn't keep good time either but it is usually within 20 minutes or so.

So the next morning, I reset the day and time on the computer. I knew it was a Friday so studying the calendar, I thought: "It must be March 7." Wrong! I discovered a day or two later it was March 14th. I lost a whole week. I usually have a general idea of the day and date from reading the newspaper but I'm way behind on my reading. Today, the Saturday Ceibeño section was delivered on Sunday and even Chloe brought us Sunday's newspaper on Monday last week so I was really confused.

We aren't completely unreliable. We have one little dependable travel alarm clock that we use when we really, really have to be somewhere at a certain time.

At one time the exact time was very important to me, but I kind of like it this way. It takes the pressure off. However, I've become pretty good at telling what time it is by the sun! Cloudy days are a problem, though.
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