March 20, 2008

Now this is more like it

Bantam eggs, HondurasBantam eggs compared to grocery store egg

We are finally getting some egg action out of our four hens. Conchita, the mama hen, spends half her life being broody − wanting to sit on eggs instead of deliver them − but the others have finally grown up enough to get started laying.

These are bantam hens and their eggs are small, but these are even smaller than Conchita's. Conchita's egg is the larger one in the center. The white egg at the top is a large-size grocery store egg for comparison. I'm hoping that as the hens mature, the eggs will get just a little bigger.

These eggs are delicious − more flavor than the egg factory eggs. The yolk color is much brighter because the chickens eat grass and whatever else they find as well as corn, rice, oatmeal, fruits, veggies, yogurt, etc. The proportion of yolk to white is much higher. The shells are harder as well which means that the hens get plenty of calcium in their diet. Sometimes I have to bang them three or four times to get them to break.

I calculate these eggs cost about US $5 a piece, but they are organic! Hopefully in the future the cost per egg will decrease. Speaking of the cost of eggs, I just have to mention that I read yesterday the the cost of an egg in Honduras has risen to L.2.90 each (US $0.15). They were less than L.1.00 when I came to Honduras (about US $0.06 adjusted for the difference in exchange rate at that time). This and all of the other increases in food prices in the past year or so make it very difficult for the poor. The increases in minimum wages have not kept pace.

Anyone want to buy a dozen eggs for $60? ;-)

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