March 9, 2008

Rainy season reappeared

rain on the windowRain on the window - click for a closer look

It rained non-stop all day yesterday. We seemed to have been firmly into dry season, so the rain was welcomed by me. Checking the Blogicito's archives, I see that we had three days of heavy rain at just about this same time last year.

filling the water buckets Since we hadn't had running water since we went to bed on Thursday night, El Jefe took the opportunity to clean and refill all of our water storage buckets with nice clean rainwater.

It took only about 2 minutes to fill each 5-gallon bucket from the downpour from a valley of the roof. Just as he had filled the pila for current use and refilled most of the buckets, our running water was restored.

Oh well, you always need a fresh stash of clean water in Honduras.

He thinks there may have been a problem with the well pump. I think it is more likely that the construction workers just forgot to turn the water back on when they left on Friday and they didn't come to work Saturday because of the rain.

I'm so disappointed that I still haven't gotten my rain gauge made. (The one I talked about a year ago and seven months before that, too!) We finally took a drawing to a welding shop and the darn place has kept it for a month and hasn't even given us a quote yet.

The last time I put the 12" (30 cm.) glass vase out in a hidden spot without the iron holder, Chloe, the Rotten Rottweiler, apparently found it, picked up the vase, and dropped it on the concrete leaving broken glass everywhere so I don't dare try that again.

My new straight-sided glass vases are 24" (61 cm.). I bought two just in case one gets broken and I can't find another to fit the holder − if we ever can get a holder made. Hopefully, that will be sufficient. But, hey, we are in Honduras, where you can get iron things made or even altered pretty reasonably priced. That's a good thing.

Prepare yourself for boring posts next rainy season (September - February) saying, "We had 14 inches of rain yesterday!!"

By the way, isn't that so typically U.S. American to feel the need to measure the rain?

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