March 15, 2008

Back to kindergarten for La Gringa

La Gringa's work areaWhat a pig sty! I actually cleaned it up a little for the photo

I've been working on setting up my new Toshiba laptop (Yay!). What a nightmare − not the computer, but the process (Boo!).

It has been six long years since I've done this and it not only feels like I am starting back over again learning about computers but I'm also learning how to type again. Seriously, though I put myself through the first few years of school by typing, I think I'm going to have to pull out Mavis Teaches Typing − the keyboard feels that different.

I haven't had wireless before and it seems to be having a problem downloading all those big updates. I've tried to update McAfee at least 10 times and I'm just about ready to give up and go back to the free Zone Alarm and AVG Antivirus programs.

The laptop feels so foreign − maybe it's laptop culture shock or just the stress of something new. I've been busy downloading, installing, and updating all my programs and getting all my settings just the way I like them so that I feel at home.

Every program wants to put an icon in the system tray and to check for its own updates every 10 minutes. As fast as I can delete them, more are added. I have noted an improvement in some of the newer programs. They ask for permission and actually give you an option to check for updates at a more reasonable interval, say, once a month. How polite. Thank you.

I haven't even started to transfer my files and photos yet. Nor have I looked into the best way to do that so if you have any ideas, pulllllllll-eeeeease let me know. This process for which I thought I needed two or three days is beginning to look like it will take two or three weeks. Thank goodness I bought Windows XP and not Vista!

Well, I just checked the McAfee downloader and it tells me that I have only 99 hours and 15 minutes to go on the download. Arrrrghhh!

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