December 11, 2007

El Jefe's dream

Martha Stewart cooking turkey with Russell CroweMartha Stewart cooking turkey with Russell Crowe

We were sitting at dinner and El Jefe said that he had a dream about me last night. Oh, yeah? says me. What did I do? He said I had a TV cooking show on one of the local La Ceiba television stations.

I guess this dream was a result of our dinner conversation with his family, where I am widely regarded as the gourmet chef of the family. Heheheh. Or maybe it was because of all the time I spent and trouble I had with the genoise cake on Sunday.

(The cake was taking so much time that, for awhile, I was afraid that we would have only potato salad and cake for dinner, if that much. I learned a lesson: don't double a genoise recipe because those 8 eggs will turn into 15 cups of foam which will not fit in your bowl which is sitting in a hot pan of water on the stove!)

I asked if I was speaking Spanish in the show. He said I was speaking English but everyone understood me anyway. Those things always work out in dreams, don't they?

At first everything was going fine and I was impressing the audience with my skills, but all of a sudden the scene changed. Something I was demonstrating wasn't working out properly and I started crying right in front of the camera!

Well, I guess we don't need a dream analyst to figure out this one, do we?

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