December 10, 2007

Another disaster

Maytag washer/dryer won't workAll loaded up but not going to run

Whaaaah! My washing machine won't turn on.

Thinking the electric breaker might be off, I pushed the dryer start button but the dryer came on. I tried the washer on different settings and it would come on only when set on a rinse cycle, but none of the wash cycles would work. The light wouldn't even come on when I pressed the button, so I know that it isn't a clogged water filter this time. I went and reset the breaker, just in case. I also slapped the selector dial a couple of times just for good measure. Nada.

Later, I thought I'd go ahead and run it through the rinse cycle and then see if the wash cycle would work. Ugh. Now the rinse cycle won't turn on either.

El Jefe took a quick look inside but didn't have time to take it apart today. I was a little hopeful when I saw some lint inside around the controls. Maybe, oh, maybe, there is a little link stuck in the dial and it will work when we check it and clean it out tomorrow. Or, maybe if we are lucky, a fuse has blown? Oh, please let it be something simple! And please, nothing requiring parts to be shipped from the U.S.

I glanced through the repair manual, which the manufacture was kind enough to email to me two years ago since there are no Maytag repairmen in Honduras, but it might as well have been in Greek to me.

For those of you in the U.S., having a broken washer might be an annoyance requiring a trip to the yellow pages, maybe even a big expense to have repaired, but in any case, you can probably have someone out there tomorrow to take care of it, right? Worst case, they have to order parts and you have wait 3-4 days.'s a disaster.

Remember, we are going on six months trying to get our car repaired...

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