December 18, 2007

El Jefe has a code in the node

sick in bed"Code in the node" (head cold)

In Honduras, tea, antibiotics (yes, I know this is wrong), and injections are considered the best cures for la gripe (a cold or flu). Also, wearing a cap to keep your head warm is a good idea. :-)

La Gringa: Do you want me to make you some tea?

El Jefe: Yed. (cold talk for: Yes)

LG: I forgot the name of this in Spanish.

EJ: Manzanilla.

LG: Oh, yeah. . . . Uh, I forgot the name in English, too.

EJ: Chamomile.

LG: Oh, yeah.

EJ, walking away: Heheheh.

dried chamomileEverything I've read about chamomile tea says that the tea is made from the dried flowers. This is a photo of the chamomile that is sold here. As you can see, it is primarily stems. But everyone seems to think it works anyway.

Last year, I cured El Jefe of a cold in one day with a jamaica-ginger-lemon tea. The problem was that I overdid the ginger and found out later that too much ginger causes diarrhea. (Sorry about that!)

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