July 31, 2007

Hurry! Look quick before it's gone

Honduran family on horse and cart
It's a luxury to have a vehicle for this family

Hurry! Look at these photos quickly because I'll bet they are going to disappear from the internet.

The main protagonist in the swamp of corruption described in my last article, Attack on Freedom, is Marcello Chimirri, head of government-owned Hondutel. His personal photo collection is on the internet. Included are photos showing his luxury mansion and multi-building home complex in Valle de los Angeles, Honduras, his trips to Paris, Germany, and Korea, his horses, etc., etc.

Of special note are:

Chimirri's garage with 4 luxury cars and a Harley-Davison motorcycle. His caption reads "It pays to go to college." More likely it should be that it pays to be a government worker in Honduras.

Chimirri's multi-building home complex in Valle de los Angeles

Chimirri on his Harley-Davison.

Chimirri on his horse.

Chimirri in front of a Hummer. His?

Chimirri in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

His personal profile is informative, too. "Anonymous" wrote again:
"It's funny that he is accused of organized-crime activities by the press, and called the Godfather of Hondutel. I say it's funny because his favorite movies on his hi5 profile include all kinds of Mafia movies... the Godfather, Good Fellows[sic], Scarface, Carlito's Way, Casino, etc."
He seems to be successful in his quest to "meet beautiful and smart women."

Now, while those photos are fresh in your mind, compare them with the luxuries of the people he works for:

Garifuna woman, Tela HondurasHonduran security guard, La Ceiba

Malnourished, aged Garífuna woman, selling bread on the street to make a living.

Skinny, 50-something man, happy to have a job, so he works 24-hours straight every other day as a security guard so he can eat − but not too often from the looks of it.

Wood house, El Porvenir, HondurasTypical luxury wooden home of the people.

Honduran house on river bankHome made of discarded construction scraps on land that doesn't belong to them, and which will flood when rainy season gets in full swing.

Honduran girl in clay houseShoeless little girl in mud house with palm frond roof, who will likely never go to school past 3rd grade. Her dirt-floored house lacks toilet, water, electricity, and of course, a Hondutel telephone.

Where is the outrage? Who is going to stop this kind of thing?

Thanks go to Anonymous for tipping me off to the link.

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