July 27, 2007

Free range posts

free range bantam chickens, HondurasFree range chickens

I got this great idea from reading a now-closed blog. You've heard of free range chickens? They go where they want, do what they want, eat what they want. Wanting to take another weekend off, we are going to have free range posts in the Blogicito's comment section. I'm going to depend upon you faithful readers to keep each other entertained! What a fabulous idea!

Have you discovered a fascinating new blog or started one yourself? Tell us all about it. Shameless self-promotion is encouraged. Tell us a funny story or a yummy recipe. Laughs are always a good thing. Give us a link to a great article, photo, video, music, or cartoon − even your own.

Your topic doesn't have to be about Honduras or gardening, although it can be if you like. If you aren't prepared right now, come back later. If it's really great stuff, I'll move it to the front page, take an extra day off, and maybe even use that great colorful hammock. :-D

I'm going to get you started. Now click on "view x comments" to see what we have. I'm waiting to be surprised!

Wow, am I going to be embarrassed if there isn't anything there on Sunday night. I'm taking a big chance here!

fine print: I reserve the right to delete anything that I deem completely inappropriate.
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