July 8, 2007

Hispanic.com likes the blogicito

The blogicito got a nice review from Hispanic.com. They said my blog was "FUNNY," all caps! I just discovered Hispanic.com not long ago. I didn't know that they discovered La Gringa.

I found a couple of recipes of interest in their food section:

Avocado and Tequila Ice Cream sounds really weird and interesting. I might try that.

Yuca y Chicharron
is a very popular Honduran dish. You won't catch me eating chicharron (fried pork skins), but El Jefe just has to have it every now and then to recharge his catracho genes.

This is a photo I took of chicharon being dried in the sun in San Juan Pueblo. Need I say more about why I don't eat it?

They also had a link to a guacamole recipe and the subsequent interesting discussion. People who put mayonnaise, cottage cheese, or Worcestershire sauce in their guacamole should never be allowed near an avocado.

I make excellent guacamole and someday I'll give you my recipe. If you think you don't like guacamole, it is only because you haven't had good guacamole. In restaurants, it's often not as fresh as it needs to be and if you've only tried packaged or frozen guacamole, well, please, what do you expect? Avocados are delicate fruits and guacamole should be eaten within a couple of hours of being made.

Update, November 7, 2007: I finally posted that guacamole recipe. Try it, you'll like it!

Holy moly! Guacamole!
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