November 7, 2006

This and that, November 7

Such a pretty girl, that Zoe

I'm not going to write a long post today. If you want some good reading material, check out the comments on the education article, the Spanish article, the Honduran travelogues, or the why we're here article. Gosh, I have some interesting and articulate readers. I think the comments are better than the articles.

The Kiva segment of the Frontline TV show is available online today at Uganda: A little goes a long way. I can't watch it myself (poor old computer) so tell me how it was.

The cold front I wrote about last week never materialized at all. It has been a little more comfortable (meaning not blazingly hot and humid) but other than that one day, no cold front. That's what I get for believing a weather report.

The chickens are doing fine. Sorry, no video this time. The only thing they seem to want to eat other than what they find outdoors is rice. They won't touch the chicken feed we bought which makes me think it is spoiled or something. I'm a little worried about that but they seem healthy.

Oh, by the way, I discovered that the post I was raving about yesterday was copied word for word from a U.S. Library of Congress Country Study about Honduras. Jeesh.

El Jefe and I are living the good life − chocolate chip cookies everyday. (Thanks, Bound!)
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