November 6, 2006

Education in Honduras

Typical school uniforms

I'm too lazy to write a post today so I'll just give you a link to a post about education in Honduras. "La República de Honduras" is a brand new blog today. How exciting.

Update November 15: Hmmm, the education post that I referenced above has been deleted and replaced with a general post about Honduras so I've deleted the link. Here's a link to the blog, La República de Honduras, but I have done enough reading about Honduras to tell you that there is much inaccurate information there.

I wonder who is writing it. It seems that the post isn't finished − it stops in mid-sentence. I hope the person keeps up the blog because if this first post is any example, it should be very informative.

One thing the post doesn't say is that most (and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) of the public school days only last about four hours, with the youngest students going until about noon, the middle students going until about 5 p.m., and the older students attending at night.

It is my understanding that those four hours may include breakfast or lunch for the younger children and a recess. Many schools have NO BOOKS for the children. Even though the school is supposedly free, many families will take their children (especially daughters) out of school after a few years (say 6th grade) because they can't afford clothes/uniforms, notebook paper, and pencils. I know this must seem very hard to believe but it's true.

There are also some very horrid teachers (not all, of course!) who have no idea how to treat children. I've heard many stories about teachers telling mothers to take their sons out of school because the only thing they will ever be good for is to sell bananas in the street.

There are also some much beloved teachers, like El Jefe's mother. She taught elementary school for 39 years. She cannot walk down the street anywhere without someone excitedly saying, "Maestra, ¿cómo esta? ¿Se acuerda de mi, (insert name)?" (Teacher, how are you? Do you remember me?) She always says, "Yes, of course!" but then sometimes later tells us, "I have no idea who that bald man was!"

Oops. I guess I wrote a post after all.
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