November 22, 2006

The Americanization of Honduras, bit by bit

Conchita, Ramona, Ramón, and Carmen

One time El Jefe mentioned Ramón, our rooster, by name to the elderly previous owner. After her jaw dropped, she started laughing, asking "You name your chickens? Jejeje! How strange!" (Note: 'je' is pronounced 'he.')

When he told me about it, I thought, "How strange not to name them." He said it just never occurred to them to name them. I said it never occurred to me not to name them. Another cultural difference, I guess. I mean, if for no other reason than to call them or get their attention, they need names, right?

Well, a couple of weeks have gone by and guess what? Now all of their chickens have names, too.

This might also be called the Hondurization of a North American, since I never had chickens before I came to Honduras. Jejeje! A cultural exchange.
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