September 28, 2011

We have a winner!

kidney stone
Not a mint, apirin, or Alka-Seltzer, not an egg of any kind or a spider case

We have a winner in the 'Guess what it is?' contest. Wow! There were some amazing guesses, and some funny ones, too. Click 'comments' below the linked article to check out the guesses.

After posting this, I really felt guilty because I was thinking that no one in the world would ever be able to guess. That's why I decided to give a prize to the 'most clever answer' if no one won. I thought that after I posted the answer, everyone would exclaim, "Not fair!", because the 'thing' is so obscure.

But I should have had more faith in my readers! They know everything, as I find out every time I ask a question on Facebook. Personally, if I saw that photo, my own guess would have been a piece of coral and I don't think I could have come up with a second guess.

I will keep you in suspense no longer. The photo is of a large and painful kidney stone, guess #29 by Yeni R of 44 guesses. Congratulations, Yeni! What I want to know is, does Yeni have a medical background? How did she know?!

The stone was removed surgically last week in San Pedro from our little female chihuahua, Zoe. Here's her x-ray:

kidney stone in chihuahua
I always thought that kidney stones were bb-sized or smaller and had no idea that the calcium or whatever could build up to this size.

It looks like an egg, doesn't it? I wondered if one of the roosters had gotten a hold of her in some freak accident of nature! (By the way, the other strange looking spots in the x-ray are trees and things showing through the window where I put the x-ray to get a photo.)

Poor Zoe. She must have really been suffering. Thankfully, she is doing fantastic and even within a couple of hours of the surgery was up and running around the vet's office looking for her "papi".

Here is the happy family back together again:

Honduran chihuahuas
Clockwise from top, Oso, Joe, and Zoe

Congratulations, Yeni! In the next post, I'll let Yeni pick her prize. ;-)
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