September 20, 2011

More on La Ceiba's paid parking

Parking permit sign
Parking permits sold here

The municipalidad of La Ceiba seems to have addressed some of paid parking issues discussed in the previous article. Above is the sign shown on stores that sell the parking permits. From the moving vehicle, I couldn't see too many of the signs, but at least it is a start. In one area, I saw a new sign with a symbol that may have been to indicate that this was a paid parking area, but I'm really not sure what the sign meant.

parking lines redrawn, La Ceiba, HondurasAdditionally, the lines outlining the too-small parking spots have been repainted adjusting the size of each space to be a little larger, at least in some areas. It's hard to get a good photo from a moving car on a cloudy day, but I think that if you look closely, you can see the difference in parking space sizes, as well as the fact that the original lines were not covered up. Both coats of paint are fading away rapidly considering this was only started in August.

The northern part of Avenida San Isidro, the main street in town, has parking marked on one side only which should have helped traffic, but unfortunately, many vehicles were parked in the no parking zones on the west side as well causing traffic congestion.

I tried to look into the parked vehicles as we passed. I really didn't see many parking permits, though it could have been because many of the windows are dark tinted.

parking lines redrawn, La Ceiba, HondurasIn one case a bus was pulled over half in the parking area and half out, completely blocking one lane of traffic unless cars in the other lane paused to let them pass. And of course, taxi drivers still stop in their lane to pick up or discharge passengers.

We also saw some areas in which the painted parking lines were so faded that I'm not sure whether these areas are still in the paid area or not. The municipalidad needs to get some better quality paint and do a better job of preparing the surface or I think they will be repainting the lines every couple of months.
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