September 10, 2011


huntsman spider, La Ceiba, Honduras
(Not a) Tarantula

This (not a) tarantula lived in our bedroom for about a week before El Jefe accidentally stepped on him. Yes, accidentally. I had tried to remove him by slipping a piece of paper under him but he escaped every time.

huntsman spider, La Ceiba, Honduras
Crucial Update: This spider is apparently not a tarantula! For anyone whose life was adversely affected by my misidentification, I deeply apologize. hahahah

I'll admit that for me, formerly, spider + big + hairy = tarantula. I thought it looked kind of skinny for a tarantula but my mistake. Readers make me work so hard but I'm happy for the correction and appreciate that readers keep me on my toes.

The commenter said it was a wolf spider. However, after I looked it up, I don't think that it looks like the wolf spider photos that I found. It looks more like a Brown Huntsman. It was about 4 inches in length and from what I've read, wolf spiders are generally smaller, though there may be a special Honduran version of wolf spider. Here is some of what I found:

What's that bug?

Sparassidae: Huntsman Spider

Another reader sent me a photo of a tarantula he found on his wall last week along with a funny tarantula story.

tarantula, Honduras
Juan's tarantula

Any comments from spider experts would be welcome. ;-)
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