April 5, 2010

Meet Inzulaya and his friend Inchavastro

Inzulaya Inzulaya

I thought you might enjoy a laugh at José Miguel Insulza's expense. I found this clever cartoon at Nuevo Acción when looking for something else. Insulza was just reelected Secretary General of the OAS for another five years. Oh, joy!

His unopposed reelection is a testament to the loss of US influence in the hemisphere. See the Human Rights Foundation opinion on Insulza and the OAS at Insulza Dot No! Insulza has just proposed that he have more powers to intervene in countries of the region. Oh, more joy, especially for those countries opposed to XXI century socialism.

You can bet that intervention won't be performed in Venezuela or Cuba. Did you see his cowardly statement on Chávez's arrest of the president of the last remaining independent television station in
Venezuela? Could it be any more clear that he was pressured to issue that statement, and did his best to hide behind the skirts of the IACHR? Anyone care to compare that statement with the ones made to Honduras? Here's a hint: Venezuela - I worry..., I request...; Honduras - strongly condemn..., vehemently condemn..., demand... In fact, the OAS even condemned things that never happened!

Funny as that cartoon is, I believe that it gives way too much credit to Mel Zelaya. I have improved upon it and made it much more realistic. What do you think?

Inchavastro, the people in Jose Miguel Insulza's head
Meet Inchavastro, defender of democracy in the Americas.
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