April 24, 2010

La Gringa went to paradise

beach, Utila, Honduras

It was only supposed to be a quick two day trip but I couldn't come back! I ended up staying five days and it was the best, most relaxing time I've had in loooooong time. No phone, no television, no news, no internet. I even left my computer at home. I'll admit that I had a few twinges of withdrawal the first day or two, but after that....nah! Didn't even think of it.

Where was this paradise? It was the island of Utila, Honduras, an hour ferry ride from La Ceiba. Our friends had been inviting us to join them for ages but we could just never get away for various reasons. This time we did and we hope to be going back soon!

I had seen photos of the house before, but seeing it in person was a different thing. The house just exudes tropical relaxation. I just kept walking around saying, "Oh my God! Oh my God! I love it!" El Jefe really got into the fishing and we both had fun snorkeling over the reef. The water was the absolute perfect temperature.

bedroom, Utila, HondurasLook at "our" bedroom!

Utila, HondurasLook at this porch!

beach, Utila, HondurasLook at this beach!

Big Rock Beach, Utila, HondurasLook at my friends' coral-studded, reef-surrounded beach!

Pelican, Utila, HondurasLook at this pelican!

coral from Utila, HondurasLook at my treasures!

I came back with over 200 photos plus a bunch of videos. I guess that I have just been intimidated about trying to figure out how to share them, or at least some of them, with you.
Or possibly, Utila had me so relaxed that I couldn't get back into the blogging groove.

I'll be back soon with more photos, but while I try to figure out how to organize and pick out the best ones, let me leave you with this taste of paradise:

Did you see the low clouds in the distance? That is the cloud forest over La Ceiba. From Utila, the mountains around La Ceiba look huge. There was one day that we could see the mountains clearly but I failed to get a photo. Maybe next time....
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