July 16, 2006

Title dilemma

I haven't even had this blog for 24 hours and I have a huge problem. My blog title is no good. Argh! I showed the blog to el Jefe, a Honduran, who began reading it aloud. It seems that there is no way to pronounce Blogicito properly in Spanish. So I guess I have my answer about whether or not it is a word.

Bummer. It seemed like it would be a word. But in Spanish, you would have to say "Blow-hee-see-toe." If I change it to Bloguecito
so it can be properly pronounced in Spanish, the English speakers will pronounce it "Blah-gay-see-toe."

Darn, can we just call it Spanglish and leave it at that? Am I offending anyone? I hope not.

Just pronounce it "Blog-ee-see-toe," like I do.

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