July 17, 2006

Temperatures, don't trust them

I put a weather.com thingy on my blog, partly just to show off but mostly because I'm always complaining about the heat and especially the humidity. I thought my friends might be interested in what I suffer through.

The thing is: These weather.com numbers always sound kind of pleasant − well, maybe not 83% humidity − but they never sound as devastating as Dallas' 105°F (41°C), or in a really bad summer, 114°F (46°C). I've lived through those Dallas summers and I'm here to tell you that while 88°F (31°C) in Dallas is positively balmy, 88°F in La Ceiba is like stepping into hell. I have to peel my clothes off; they stick like glue. I can't get dry after a shower no matter how many towels I use. Sometimes when I wash my hair at night, it is still wet in the morning. If I wash it in the morning, it stays wet all day.

So, where do these numbers come from? Does weather.com have thermometers that they check electronically in every city in the world? Does the U.S. government or maybe CIA agents have secret satellite thermometers? Okay, from any of these organizations I would believe the temperatures but if these numbers are coming from the Honduran government − well, that would explain it. These numbers never agree with my thermometer or humidibobber. (I made up that word, too.) I think, just like the crime rate, the corruptos (no translation needed) are fudging their numbers to attract tourists.

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