July 15, 2006

The beginning

El Jefe (the boss) and I have been in Honduras for almost five years. It's hard to believe that it has been that long. Our house isn't even finished! Everything moves slower here. It's too hot to move fast. Only the hormigas locas (crazy ants) move fast.

When we first came here and people asked if I spoke Spanish, I would say poquito (a little). Now, five years later, I'm still saying poquito. What they sometimes don't know is that I understand it better than I speak it. Ha!

Hondurans have a dialect all their own. I've looked up so many words from the newspaper in the dictionary and they are not there. It is said that Hondurans speak faster than any other Spanish speaking people. They also drop their es's, as in bueno' dia' (good day) or no' vemo' (we'll see you). The people from the mountains speak a dialect that sounds an awful lot like Chinese to me.

It's been a real struggle but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here's a picture of what we started with:

If it looks like the tops of the trees are on the ground, it's because the property drops off pretty steeply to a creek below. We call that our jungla (jungle). See the mountain in the background? Not mountains by Rockies standards but they will do. The mountains completely disappear in the clouds when there is a storm. Honduras has what are called cloud forests instead of rain forests.
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