September 14, 2011

Forgot to check the mail

moldy mail
Look at this shameful mess! Damp, moldy mail that was being used as an ant's nest and possibly gecko haven for who knows how many months. Somehow we both forgot to check for mail — big change from the US where the mailbox was stuffed full of junk and bills every single day. This would actually normally be about a year's worth of mail for me.

mailboxWe used to get our checking account statement (más or menos) monthly, but then the bank started using a private delivery service. Since both were unreliable, I just use online banking to keep up with it. There is not much to keep up with as hardly anyone will accept a check anyway. Other than that and the IRS tax forms (which only make it to me about one year out of three), there isn't much in the way of mail. That's my excuse anyway.

We designed this clever mail box so that the rare piece of mail could be inserted from outside the muro and would drop through a galvanized box in the column to be collected inside the muro. The albañil had fun doing it since he hadn't seen anything like that before. We also used some super expensive paint to make sure that the doors wouldn't rust. You can see how well that worked. ;-/

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