June 2, 2008

Why don't bloggers respond to readers' comments?

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What do you readers think about bloggers who don't respond to comments? I'm not asking about the big or professional blogs that get hundreds of comments per day. I'm talking about us little, real people bloggers, who maybe get one or two comments in a day or even in a month.

I just find that odd. I've commented on a few blogs, some of which have had no or hardly any other comments, just a nice little comment, question, compliment or encouragement. I don't quite know what to think when the person never replies with a comment.

I remember when I first started getting comments on my blog. I was excited. "Someone is actually reading this!" In the past I've responded to virtually every single comment. Lately, I've been combining a reply to several on some occasions when I just don't have enough time or feel a little brain-dead. I'm not saying that what I do is the 'right' way, I'm just trying to figure it out.

Don Ray in Panama has always struck me as one of the nicest expat bloggers around. I like the way that he responds to readers and given the number of comments that he gets, there is no doubt that it takes quite a bit of his time. You can see that his readers really love him!

It does take time to respond to commenters, especially when it is about a controversial subject. I've had a harder time lately keeping up, but I'm very happy that so many people are interested enough to take their time out to make a comment. It is what makes blogging worthwhile. After all, if we didn't want interaction (which is kind of what blogging is all about), we could just as easily keep a personal journal.

I just know that when I go back to a blog and see my comment or question just hanging there with no reply, it makes me feel a little bad.

If you are blogger who doesn't reply to readers' comments, why is that? Do you only respond to the worthy ones or privately to people you know?

If you are a commenter, what is your opinion? Am I being too sensitive? Is there a chance that they don't even know that the comments are sitting there? How do you feel when you leave a comment and there is no response?
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