June 4, 2008

Ah, the smell of...

rosefooled ya

...burning plastic in the morning − or any time for that matter. I imagine it to be reminiscent of the smell of napalm, though, of course, I have no idea what that smells like.

Two days in a row now, the workers across the street have been burning plastic somethings. We are downwind. My head is pounding and it is hard to think. I know that it will be hours before the smell in the air dissipates and if the breeze stops, the odor will probably linger in my house for the evening.

Scientific studies show that the fumes from burning plastic can cause permanent brain damage in children. I may already be brain damaged because I couldn't find a good solid link for this, but there is science behind this statement. Heck, a lot of people now believe that just eating or drinking out of plastic can be toxic, much less burning it and breathing the fumes.

Maybe that explains a whole lot about Honduras.
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