November 16, 2006

Unprotected commenting

Don't you all just love commenting on my blog? It's completely unprotected. Instant gratification. No moderation. No stupid little illegible letters to guess at and type in. La Gringa is living dangerously and it's all out of consideration for you, my dear readers.

At first, I had comment moderation enabled because I had seen some blogs full of annoying spam comments and I didn't want that. It got to be a hassle after more than a couple people started commenting, so I turned it off.

Then I got so irritated at those stupid 'captchas' or whatever they are called. I swear on some blogs they don't work the first time no matter what you type in. And some of them have the letters so squished together that there is no hope of ever figuring out what the letters are. So I turned that off, too.

I also allow anonymous commenters, but really folks! How hard would it be to think of a fake name? Okay, here's a few to get you started: Alan, Alice, Bob, Betty, Charles, Carla. Just pick one that you like.

And do you know what? In the last two months, I've only had two spam comments. Easy enough to send to the trashcan.

So, until the spammers find my Blogicito, let's enjoy our completely unprotected commenting. ;-D
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