November 22, 2006

Take me to the judge just like this

Do you ever go to the Bahama Islands on vacation? I went once many years ago. It seemed a very civilized country, but you never know.

To find out just how uncivilized the Bahama's are you must read this article:

Womanish Words

A poor Bahamian woman was dragged naked out of her house by the police in front of her two young daughters. First they pulled her into the front yard in front of all of her neighbors and then they kept her, hands handcuffed behind her back and with only a small towel over her lap, in the public waiting area of the police station. All the while she and an elderly woman who happened to be there begged for something to cover her up.

After four hours, naked and in shock, the police talked of giving her some clothes to put on before going before the judge. She defiantly looked at them and said, "No. Take me to the judge just like this."

The whole thing was a mistake! She has since filed an official complaint with the police commissioner but it has been four weeks and nothing has happened so far.
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