November 26, 2006

How many hamburgers in the world?

I always enjoy seeing how people found my blog since most of my topics don't exactly have a broad audience.

The Google searches are especially interesting. I love it when someone comes to my blog and I actually
have answered the question they were looking for. Yesterday I saw "How to make tortillas de harina with pictures" ¡cheque! (check!). What is the typical dress in Honduras¡cheque! (check!).

Being the insecure blogger that I am, I sometimes assume that if I haven't written about the topic, I should have. Most often, though, I shake my head and think, "Why did Google think La Gringa had that answer?"

I just had a laugh from this one and thought I would share it with you: Someone in Japan wanted to know "how many hamburgers in the world?" The blogicito made first page on that for this article, which goes to show you that there isn't a lot of information out there on the total hamburgers in the world. I think McDonald's even quit counting, didn't they?
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