November 14, 2006

Bantam eggs

Now don't get excited! These aren't from my chickens. Not yet anyway.

El Jefe brought me a couple of bantam eggs from his friend so I could see the size. This picture shows two cream colored bantam eggs from my chickens' mother compared to three grocery store eggs.

They look like about 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the normal egg. The regular egg weighed 2 oz. (57 gr.) and the bantam egg about 1 1/4 oz. (43 gr.). I'm going to measure them when I use them, so I'll have a better idea of how to substitute them for regular eggs in recipes.

These white eggs would probably be classified as regular size in the USA, definitely not large or extra large. In Honduras the eggs aren't graded by size. An egg is an egg is an egg and all cost the same regardless of how big or small they are. Sometimes the (sealed) packages will include eggs not much bigger than the bantam eggs, but you can't tell until you get them home and open the plastic wrap.

We like to buy brown eggs from Piara meat market because they are usually bigger and always cleaner. Eggs from the grocery store, although packaged like in the USA, are often filthy and disgusting with chicken poop and feathers all over them. Eggs are never refrigerated in the groceries or markets here.
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